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Bo Peep Nursery

Brook Green

What the Parents Say

"Our sons' most cherished memory of our time in London. He thrived under the care of his teachers at Bo-Beep and has shown immense growth in social, literacy, numeracy and self care skills over the course of his time here. 
When we moved to London and joined the school, the teachers were extremely sensitive to all of the changes my son was dealing with and helped him cope with it effortlessly. The school has made his time in London joyful and enriching and his time here will always be a fond memory for our family. He misses his teachers and friends at Bo-Beep dearly."
Sriram - March 2017

"This was an absolutely wonderful school... He learned so much from his teachers, and was thrilled to wake up and go to school every morning. The school does a fantastic job getting each student engaged and involved, and they do so much to keep the parents informed of the children's progress. I would recommend this school to absolutely everyone!" Ryan - April 2017

"We were lucky enough to send our little girl to Bo-Peep for 1 year, and she absolutely thrived there. The Nursery was great getting all the children to play together, stimulating them to learn new things, such as new letters and numbers every week. This included trips to the fire station, the chicks, a constant supply of wonderful art work and Karate Ben! She made some lovely friends and we were very happy to drop her off every morning. We moved out of London, which is the only reason our daughter left Bo-Peep and we're really struggling to find a replacement. Thank you so much for looking after our little girl and for making her so happy. How are we going to replace you!!!" Marie - May 2017

"Really happy that our daughter went there. It was a fantastic place to start her off as Sammy and her team were totally committed to the children and very sensitive to their needs. We can see that she has matured a lot since she started school there. Highly recommend the nursery. Thank you Sammy and Team!" Nika - Sept 2017

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this nursery. The teachers are fabulous and my son was greeted with warmth each day. He flourished in their care and learnt so much, including, most importantly, an interest in learning and a curiosity for discovering the world. He was supported to build friendships and to value others, and I have no doubt that his positive experience at nursery has contributed to his enthusiastic and confident start at school! Thank you for taking such good care of him!" Lucy - Oct 2016