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Bo Peep Nursery

Brook Green

Specialist Subjects

Crouching Tiger Karate

Sensei Ben Pethick has been teaching Karate classes at nursery schools for over 10 years. The classes are specifically designed for young children. Crouching Tiger Karate classes improve the balance, strength, coordination and automotive skills of the children through learning basic Karate techniques and games. In conjunction with the physical benefits, Crouching Tiger Karate also helps to develop the children’s character through teaching discipline, respect, self-control and the importance of good etiquette. Learning Karate helps to build confidence in shy children, and to channel energy in a positive way for more boisterous children. 


Here at Playball London, we don’t just coach children how to play sports, we prepare them for the future!

Our focused educational sports programmes are specifically designed to promote cognitive and social development as well as physical growth, providing your child with a sound base for future learning.

The goal of Playball London is to use sport as a fun medium, introducing young children to a wide range of physical activities whilst developing their ability to learn and interact with others. By separating the sports that we teach into easily digestible sections, we have created a measurable learning system that teaches children how to take separate skills and bring them together to achieve something greater. This is a fundamental ability that benefits children throughout their school and adult life.

Eliza's Theatre Academy

Eliza's Theatre Academy offers a range of performing arts classes for children in West London. Whether your child is a budding performer or simply wants to have fun and build confidence, Eliza promises to make classes a fulfilling experience for all.

Internal Specialist Subjects 

We aim to incorporate a variety of specialised subjects that are curated interally. Each subject is aimed at benefitting the needs, curiosity and preparedness of each child. Through physical actions we find that children naturally engage in thought-provoking questions and inquisitive, exploratory behaviour. We love this. We harness this energy and we foster and encourage invovlement at all levels. The aim of every activity is to create a safe, fun and enjoyable learning environment where a different dimension of peer-to-peer interaction is interwoven with individual involvement. 

Our internally curated specialist subjects include:

Art Club

Cooking Club 

Gardening Club