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Bo Peep Nursery

Brook Green

Parents as Partners

Bo-Peep Nurseries have strong partnerships with parents. We understand that for many parents, playing an active role in their children’s childcare is paramount. Research shows that parental involvement in children’s education from an early age has a significant effect on educational achievement, and continues to do so into adolescence and adulthood. Below you will find some of the ways in which we encourage this partnership but if you have any further suggestions please feel free to get in touch.

Home Visits

Before children start at Bo-Peep Nursery, you will be offered a Home Visit where two members of staff will make a visit to your house to meet you and your child. Visiting you at home is beneficial because home is a place where you and your child feel comfortable and relaxed. When you welcome us into your home, your child sees us as friends. Children need to see that the people who are going to be caring for them are friendly and trusted by you. It will give us a chance to have an informal chat about your child and answer any questions that you may have about them starting at Bo-Peep.


For parents, as well as children, we understand how the first day can be an emotional time and we will work with you to help you through this settling-in process. All children are unique and the amount of time that a child takes to settle into a new environment can vary enormously. Therefore, we offer flexibility on settling in days over a one week or two week period and the exact amount of settling in sessions is decided during their first few settling in days. We work alongside you to make this as convenient as possible.

Walkie Talkie

At Bo-Peep we recognise how important regular and on-going communication is between your child’s teachers and yourselves. At the end of each week your child’s Chitter Chatter book will come home with them, sharing with you, all of their achievements and activities for the week. It will also give you an opportunity to write about their weekend fun, any appointments that week, illnesses, family news or any other information you feel we should know.

Open-Door Policy

At Bo-Peep we are always more than happy to talk to parents. If you would like to speak to a member of staff for a quick chat please grab us at pick up or drop off. If you would like a little more time to talk, please email Sammy and book an appointment.

Children’s Learning Profiles

These folders are ongoing evidence of your children’s observations, reports, progress, samples of work and EYFS tracking. These folders are used by staff on a daily basis but are available to parents upon request. If you want to see these at any time of the year, simply ask for a 15 minute slot to take a look through at your own pace.

Termly Reports

Reports will be written and sent home twice a year; at the end of Autumn Term and Summer Term. These will give you an idea of how your children are developing in each of the Areas of Learning. It will provide you with some ideas of things you could be doing at home in order to help them progress. We will have a chance to talk through these reports during parents evening.

Parents Teacher Meetings

Once you have had a chance to read through your child's report you will be invited to attend a Parent Teacher meeting. This is always a great opportunity to talk through your child’s achievements and to share any concerns or Next Steps.

Two Year Old Progress Checks

Progress checks will be carried out when your child is between 2 and 2.5 years old. Many health visitors will ask to see these reports. Please refer to should you require further information.

Open Classroom

We invite parents to come and spend half an hour at the beginning of a session. It will give your child a chance to show you all the wonderful things they love to do at Nursery, for you talk to their teachers, meet their friends and watch them play together.

Parents Circle Time

Parents are invited and encouraged to join the class to share a topic of their choice. Perhaps there is a celebration coming up in your house that you would like to share with the class or perhaps you would prefer to come and sing a few songs or read your favourite story. Children love to see their parents involved in their Nursery life in this way.